January 31, 2022


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Pros And Cons On The Ooni Karu Portable Oven

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The portable pizza ovens are all the craze in the last few years with many working from home and avoiding eating out.

The most popular of these is the Ooni Karu wood fired oven.

Here is a quick list of pros and cons with a more in-depth review to follow at a later time.


1. Can it actually reach 950F/500C? Yes

If you use a good quality of hardwood you can get to these temperatures easily. We recommend the BBQDaddy Fuel Kit for portable wood fired ovens (coming soon)

2. How long would it take to heat up? about 15 min with the aforementioned quality wood selection

3. Would my pizzas get that same restaurant char? yes, even better

4. Would it last a long time?  some discoloration after 3 months from normal use

5. Would it be a pain to clean? easy enough to use often

6. How hard is it to get the fire started in such a small container? not hard, we use BBQDaddy firestarter (coming soon)

7. Is it worth the price? yes even if you just make pizzas

8. Is it light enough to take with me? yes


1. The pizza stone takes much longer than 15 minutes to warm up fully, based off of cooking in the winte.. The rest of the oven does not take as long to heat up, but the stone does.

2. At the moment it is ridiculously hard to get the accessories. This includes the brush, carry case, the gas attachment

3. You need to know how to cook with live fire and not just gas. It may discourage you if you burn your food.

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