January 29, 2022


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The Best Way To Get A Fire Started

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bbqdaddy firestarter

The heat generated from your firestarter is used to ignite small wood or charcoal and in turn their heat to ignite progressively larger fuel. This “smaller to large” process is used to ignite increasingly larger pieces of fuel. It is a core principle of all good fire designs.

Remember that hot gases rise and cold gases drop. Most of the heat from a fire is being released upwards; that’s why it’s always best to put your firestarter in a low postion with increasingly large pieces of fuel stacked above it. That way the rising hot gases can warm and dry the fuel that’s above. But always take care not to crush it down; remember no oxygen means no fire! In fact the same idea applies to the whole fuel stack, always leave open cracks between the pieces of fuel. The cracks should be about the same width as the fuel you’re stacking.

We recommend our all natural BBQDaddy firestarter made from recycled and reclaimed materials.


Remember Before You Light A Charcoal Grill

There are a few things to do that will make your life a whole lot easier before you learn how to start a grill.

 Buy the right charcoal.

There are lots of different types of charcoal to choose from. Some burn cleaner and some burn smokier. Some have a woody flavor, while others are more neutral. More important than the scents or flavors, though, is that you select a high-quality charcoal A low-quality charcoal will be hard to light, which will make your job a lot harder (and more frustrating). It can also impact the fire, temperature, and taste.


The best charcoal for your kamado type grill is lump charcoal

  • Lump charcoal has a natural composition of simple hardwood like cherry, mesquite, maple, or oak. It’s not compressed, so it burns hotter, faster, and less ashy. Lump charcoal is best for low and slow smoking BBQ.

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